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Speech & language therapy in Walton on Thames and surrounding areas

All of the therapists working for Jenni Lindinger Therapies have been selected for being outstanding clinicians, with excellent therapeutic skills and the ability to build warm, caring and professional relationships with children. In addition to being fully qualified, registered therapists, each of our therapists have post-qualification specialist training in a range of areas, meaning we are qualified to work with a wide range of communication difficulties.

All of our therapists have experience working in the NHS across a range of places, including children’s homes, schools, specialist centres, nurseries and hospitals. We have experience of working with children who have needs ranging from difficulties pronouncing one single sound, to children with complex physical needs affecting their communication difficulties.

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Currently, our therapists have specialist interests in the following areas:
- Speech disorders, where children struggle to use the right sounds in their words, meaning it can be hard for other people to always understand them (including Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia)
- Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), where children are struggling to learn, understand and use language
- Stammering, where children and adolescents find it hard to speak fluently
- Selective Mutism, where children cannot speak in certain places and situations
- Tourette's Syndrome, where children have tics (movements or sounds) that they can't control
- Autistic Spectrum Disorders

We are committed to continuous development, and our therapists have additional training in:

- Selective Mutism (Advanced) (Maggie Johnson)
- Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBITs) (Dr. Tara Murphy, Jolande van de Griendt; Tourette's Action)
- The Lidcombe program of early stuttering intervention
- Nuffield dyspraxia program (NDP3)
- Advanced Shape Coding (Dr S. Ebbels)
- Palin parent-child interaction for stammering children (PCI) (Michael Palin Centre)
- Makaton level 1&2
- Word Aware (S. Parsons)
- Colourful Semantics
- Child protection: level 3
- Attention Autism (Gina Davies)
- Basic life support for paediatrics
- Practice educator
- Safeguarding children
- Counselling skills and theory (level 3) (please note, we do not provide counselling, but counselling skills and psychological based approached are used within our practice where appropriate)

We also regularly attend clinical excellence networks to discuss advances in speech and language therapy, focusing on speech and language disorders, and hold internal case discussions to ensure children are receiving the highest standards of care.


Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn't believe 5 months ago that we would ever get to the stage my child would not stammer at all any more, and we are so happy. Now they have just stopped stammering completely, it is quite incredible and we are so delighted. P, Parent

"Jenni worked with my son (age 5) over a 5 month period. He has made some great progress and we could not be have been happier with the excellent communication and level of professionalism she showed throughout. My son responded very well to Jenni’s friendly, fun but professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenni as a Speech and Language therapist" - N, Parent

"Jenni is held in such high regard by all the school staff - her thoroughness, supportive & clear explanations, her dependability, her professionalism, her great "impact!" on the school, she is so well liked and appreciated!" Beth - therapist

The progress he has made since starting SALT with you is astounding.
He knows you, enjoys your sessions and we are so so very happy with everything you are doing. Thank you. - A, parent

All our therapists are certified member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (Cert.MRCSLT) and the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). Registration details for all therapists can be found here:

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